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M. Eloise Battle

Charter Member, Friends of Tecolote Canyon


Friends of Tecolote Canyon is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community organization committed to sponsoring nature education and restoration activities in Tecolote Canyon Natural Park. Our education program is dedicated to bringing children into Tecolote Canyon and fostering connection through enjoyable, memorable, and meaningful experiences in our unique and precious local habitat. FTC is dedicated to promoting Tecolote Canyon walks and Tecolote Nature Center events.


Our mission is to support programs and events for the education, preservation and restoration of Tecolote Canyon as well as provide opportunities for children to learn about the animals, plants, ecology, and Kumeyaay history and culture. 


Centuries ago, the Kumeyaay people found food and shelter in Tecolote Canyon, a place that today is rich with history. It has been designated as a cartographic feature on area maps for nearly two centuries and was given the Aztec name Tecolote, or owl, for the diminutive raptor, the burrowing owl, that lived prominently in this canyon.
One of the first settlers in recent history was Judge Hyde, who built a home and began farming in Tecolote Canyon in 1872. Farming and ranching continued until World War II and as late as 1953, cattle were still grazing the canyon. Startled residents sometimes found mounted cowboys herding strays out of the backyards of their rim-side homes.
The City of San Diego acquired this land and it was dedicated on April 1, 1978. The new park was officially named Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and the first members of the Tecolote Canyon Citizens' Advisory Committee were sworn in. With the help of City Park Rangers, dedicated community members help preserve and protect the canyon's natural state.



Today Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center offer a variety of educational and recreational opportunities. The Canyon includes approximately 6.5 miles of trails that can be used for respite, reflection, walking, running, and mountain biking. Tecolote Nature Center is home to hands-on exhibits for visitors to learn about native plant and animal life in the canyon. We hope you'll visit soon. 

About Friends of Tecolote Canyon

 Sherlie Miller

President, Friends of Tecolote Canyon

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