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Environmental Stewards Canyon Program 

ESCAPe Education Program



​Our education program offers direct experiences in nature to children in the heart of San Diego. 

With the support of grant funding from
SDG&E and others, our Naturalist-led education program brings hundreds of school-aged children through Tecolote Nature Center and Tecolote Canyon each year.


We are proud to offer children throughout San Diego the opportunity to explore and learn more about the local history, Kumeyaay connection, habitat, flora and fauna of Tecolote Canyon. Our education program also engages children as environmental stewards, where they help restore native plant habitat and remove invasive weeds. 


Elementary students trying to open their mouths as wide as a snake does when it unhinges its jaw to eat a rodent.   

For more information about educational opportunities in Tecolote Canyon, please contact:

FTC's ESCAPe Program provides outdoor field trips in Tecolote Canyon in the heart of San Diego.
Using their sense of wonder, children observe critical, local biodiversity in their own community. 
Contact our coordinator if your San Diego school is interested.  


Elementary students on field trips to Tecolote Nature Center take naturalist-led nature walks, engage in native plant restoration, and meet live, beneficial snakes. 

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